Eugene Bur - Portfolio

  Computer and Web Media
  Animations and UI

MeVi interface mockup
This is a mockup of the interface for a proposed media center like device from IBM and various partners such as Sony. Originally, it was meant to be presented at boardrooms, where at the end, the presenter would show the final movie on their personal PSP, as if the presentation were real. At the the end of the demo, simply press Esc to close the window. Created using Flash, 3D Studio Max, After Effects, Premiere, and a variety of utilities.
Optimal Technologies - Application interface
The challenge was to design a functional and aesthetically impressive application for a touch-senstive hardware device with a small display mounted on an interior wall that would control a whole house. It was both a home-automation program as well as an energy-management application that allowed for extremely complex scheduling and rule creation in an intuitive and elegant way. I created a high-contrast design that complemented both the hardware design as well as the limitations of a highly reflective surface. The entire application had to be touch controlled, but was also capable of being ported to a web-based interface. Led the team that collaborated with the hardware design team, back-end programming and marketing, but the visual design was entirely mine. I had created the original functional flow storyboard before creating the designs and animatics that represented the user's experience. To view the storyboard wireframe files which were created based on the designs, click here. At the same time, I created several other interfaces and visual elements for other applications, such as these prototype elements for a Customer Relationship Management system. Created primarily in Flash and Photoshop.
Screensaver - POWR
Screensaver for IBM People Oriented Work Redesign. There is very little actual animation in this, as it is almost all programmed. Created using Flash.
Screensaver - Flexibility @ Work
Screensaver for IBM Human Resources. Created using Flash.
Trade show Promotion - Adveractive
Promotional animation for Adveractive, an internet game company, for their trade show demonstrations. Created using Director.
Television Opening - Hard Rain Opening
Opening animation for a television special airing on UNC-TV about the flood of 1999. Used Photoshop for image elements, Illustrator for text, After Effects and Premiere for compositing together.
Universal Crossword
Opening animation for an online crossword puzzle. I also designed the interface. Created using Flash.

    The following links are examples of my work developing courseware for IBM's Design and Information Development group, as well as Cisco's Process Change Management Training group and others. These modules could be very complex, incorporating advanced Actionscript coding, video, audio, and 508 (accessibility) compliance. During my time, I created dozens of courses for a variety of clients. These pages focus on exceptional examples of animation, design, or programming.
      AIX Security and System Hardening
An overview of IBM AIX Security Expert Tool. STC Distinguished award for Online Communication Competition (2006-2007). If you are having trouble viewing the course, please right-click here, and choose 'Save As' to play it from your hard drive.
BladeCenter - Topic 1, Topic 2, Topic 3, Topic 4
This was almost a 3 month project in which we provided the e-Learning materials for a new IBM product. I did all the Flash development on it, as well as provided all the photographs and voice overs. Near the end of the project, I was also writing and editing sections of the modules.
Country of Origin (COO) Process Training
Cisco's training course for their customer service specialists who dealt with federal government partners ordering products that complied with the Trade Agreement Act. I was given a few documents from the subject-matter expert, and then I built the story board; wrote the course; coordinated with stake-holders during the process of development; created, edited and voiced-over the script, the graphics, and the animation.
pH Meter Calibration
Developed for the NC Community College System with MindWorks Multimedia, this training module was designed to recreate the environment and process by which students would learn to use a pH meter. Using on location photography, I developed a realistic simulation of the calibration process, designed to guide the user into learning the functions of the machine and the methodology they would be learning in class. I then scripted in a confirmation check of their progress. Finally, I tied it into an existing training framework that MindWorks had previously created for the NCCCS.
Security Assessment Tool
This was tool that managers would click through, answering simple yes or no questions to create a customized security assessment. I created a complex data element that would build a branching decision tree structure and along the way would store and properly format the selected parts of the tree, so that it can be viewed and printed at the end of the process.
WebSphere Application Server for z/OS
Describes the concept of virtualization and load shifting for web severs running z/OS.
  Interactive Multimedia
    Business Center - Ask Jim
This Flash piece was part of a promotional campaign for the IBM Business Center. I edited the video and built the Flash to load the video externally, as well as a series of quotes from an XML file. I also put in logic to adapt the quotes to the display size, so that quotes could be of almost any length. It randomized the quote display, and would drop a bit of data so that the next time the same user visits the page, it would skip the long video and go straight to the quote. Or, if the video or XML file could not be accessed, it defaulted to a final image.
    Design Center Demo for CeBit 2006
This was part of the IBM Design Center's promotional display for their visit to the CeBit conference.
    Easy Website Builder
An educational module for getting to know a new piece of software that IBM was developing to quickly build web pages.
    Performance Builder
This demonstrated a new portal and application for IBM.
    Infoprint Printer
A demonstration of a new printer. One of the more challenging tasks was to research the paper path through the printer, and then re-draw it to fit in perspective.
    Interactive Learning Interface mock-up
This interface design was part of a project to create new e-learning tools to teach and test students online for Global Knowledge. I used Flash to recreate Global Knowledge branding elements and incorporated them into a non-functioning Flash Learning Interaction component.
    IBM Standard Migration Assistant
Demonstration of migration software offered by IBM. This was later rebuilt with screens and audio for 10 different countries.
    On Demand Grid Computing Kiosk
This demo was designed to run as a kiosk highlighting the power of On Demand grid computing. It sat in front of IBM's CEO's, Sam Palmisano, office. The kiosk had no other interface elements other than the 1280x1024 screen and a button. Clicking the mouse while the selected icon is highlighted will start the presentation for that topic. Right-click and select Save As to download and run the demo to your computer.
    Sametime 7.5
Promotional demonstration of new 'click-to-call' technologies in Sametime 7.5.
    Small-Medium Business Playbook
This was a recreation of an almost 40 page pdf document, redesigned to fit onto one page as a Flash deliverable.
    System i
Marketing materials for a demonstration of enterprise level System i capabilities.
  Three Dimensional Design

Lens Interface
Interface design project modeled in 3D for future animation. Originally designed for use as a portfolio interface. These images show only the model shape with basic coloring. Texture, bitmap, and lighting have not been applied. Constructed with 3D Max.

Virtual TV Set Animation
Prototype design for a news set. Fly-by shows dimensions, basic lighting, and textures. Created with 3D Max.

  Web sites
    Cert Innovations
Prototype web site for the Centre for Supercomputing in France. As a prototype, none of the back-end database is connected, but all the internal links work. I was responsible for matching the CSS styles as closely as possible to the designer's original mockup across Firefox and Internet Explorer.
    Insomnia Designs
Self promotional web site for a design company I started during college. (1994-1998) Created using text editor.
Web site designed to be a portal of local and national political information. Freelance project. Created using Dreamweaver.
  Other Media
  Fine Art
Abstract representation of the phrase "bleeding heart". Acrylic painting on canvas. Approximately 15"x32".
    Anatomy Illustration
Illustration assignment to draw the anatomy of a bear. I drew it in the style of Da Vinci's anatomy drawings to make it more interesting. Ink on paper. Approximately 9"x12".
    Hand study
Study of my own hand rotating in space. Five representation references the five fingers. Colored pencil on paper. Approximately 18"x24".
Portrait of a friend. Colored pencil on paper. Approximately 20"x30".
    White palette study
Still-life study using mostly light colors. Acrylic on canvas. Approximately 22"x28".
    Picture in the House
Student film based on a short story by H.P. Lovecraft. My work for the film consisted of everything but principle photography and sound. Shot on Super8 film. The file may take some time to load due to its size.
    Kirlian 1
Kirlian photography does not use light, but instead uses electricity. A Kirlian camera has a very highly charged metal plate on which film is placed. Then items are placed on the film, and the super high voltage then ionizes the air immediately around the item, creating a spark which is recorded on the film. Using a special built Kirlian camera I constructed, I took this image using Polaroid film using a ring and a coiled copper bracelet. Afterwards, I smudged the emulsion of the film to create colored lines. Polaroid.
Motorcycle Insect

Image abstraction of a motorcycle to reflect its similarity in shape to that of a segmented insect. B&W photograph.

Portrait of my wife holding a mirror shard. B&W photograph.
Stairway of an Episcopalian Church in Chapel Hill, NC. Focus on capturing movement of light. B&W photograph.

Time Lapse

Time lapse photography of the northern sky. The dot in the lower right is the star Polaris. B&W photograph.
  Print Advertising
    The following links are examples of graphic design for magazine advertisements. The client was For HomeBuyers, a real estate firm. Created with Photoshop and Pagemaker.

1/4 page advertisement
1/2 page advertisement

  Television Images
    Full Screen Graphics

Digital Television Info-graphic
This graphic was used to explain a technical aspect of the television image for a UNC-TV production describing their change-over to digital television. Created with Photoshop.
Season of Change Title Graphic
Title graphic for a UNC-TV special on tobacco farmers. Also produced the in-show name keys and end credits. Created with Photoshop.
    Over Shoulder News Graphics
These images were used in the UNC-TV news show, North Carolina Now, as illustrations to specific news stories. Primarily used Photoshop.

Amoco-BP Merger
Hog Waste
Traffic Helicopter
Traffic Lights