UI Design
These examples express the variety of Graphical User Interface I've developed over the years. I have included both simulations of imagined interactions with a software and hardware, as well as carefully constructed work flows based on multiple stakeholder requirements that have been synthesized into workable elements.
Med Chart Medical Charting - iPad Interface
Med Desktop App Medical Desktop Application Interface
Optimal UI Optimal Technologies - Application Interface
Optimal AIS Optimal Technologies - AskOT Integrated System
MeVi Interface IBM MeVI interface mockup

Interactive Multimedia
This section shows the majority of work I've done for large organizations such as IBM and others. They run the gamut from email promotions, presentations and kiosks to training tools and banner ads.
eBlast Cabo Email Blast, Global Sales Meeting - Cabo
Ask Jim Business Center - Ask Jim Banner
CeBit 2006 Design Center Demo for CeBit 2006
Website Builder Easy Website Builder
Infoprint Infoprint Printer
Grid Computing On Demand Grid Computing Kiosk
Sametime Sametime 7.5 Demo
SMB Playbook Small-Medium Business Playbook
System i System i

The following links are examples of my work developing courseware for IBM's Design and Information Development group, as well as Cisco's Process Change Management Training group and others. These modules could be very complex, incorporating advanced Actionscript coding, video, audio, and 508 (accessibility) compliance. During my time, I created dozens of courses for a variety of clients. These pages focus on exceptional examples of animation, design, or programming.
AIX Security AIX Security and System Hardening
BladeCenter BladeCenter S
COO Process Training Country of Origin (COO) Process Training
pH Meter pH Meter Calibration
Security Tool Security Assessment Tool

Using tools such as Flash, After Effects, 3DS Max, and others, I've created these animations, which are distinguished from my other work in that they are passively viewed with no interaction.
POWR Screensaver IBM Screensaver - POWR
Flex Screensaver IBM Screensaver - Flexibility @ Work
Hard Rain Open Hard Rain Opening Animation
Virtual Set Virtual TV Set

The work I've highlighted here are from website that I've either completely created both in design and coding, or have had significant influence on their development.
Insomnia Insomnia Designs
Intellivote Intellivote.com

Fine Art
My degree in Design is heavily influenced by an education in fine arts. I've worked in a wide variety of media - pencil, illustration, acrylic and oil. Most of this work was created during my college years, as I've lately been more focused on digital content.
Abstract 03 Abstract, Bleading Heart
Vitruvian Bear Vitruvian Bear Illustration
Hand Study Pencil Study, Hand
White Palette White Palette Study

Photographs and Movies
I've always enjoyed being behind a camera lens, and even earned a minor in film studies. Here are some of my better photographic examples.
Lovecraft Movie Picture in the House Student Film
Kirlian Kirlian Image 203
Portrait Portrait, Kirsten
Time Lapse Time Lapse, Polaris

Print and Television Graphics
The television graphics were created during my time with UNC-TV as their broadcast graphics supervisor. I have also created a great deal of work in graphic design for print or other mediums.
ForHome Long ForHomeBuyers Magazine Ad, 1/2 page
Season of Change Season of Change Title Graphic
Hog Waste Hog Waste News Graphic
Traffic Chopper Traffic Helicopter News Graphic
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